Designing for
and social care

As a specialist design studio, we help social care and healthcare professionals build respectful and innovative care experiences.

We promote a common approach of healthcare and social care issues, putting people’s dignity first and foremost. Given the ongoing developments in healthcare systems and practices, we strongly believe that the patient should be fully involved in redesigning their own journey through these systems.

Keeping a global eye on the evolution of healthcare ecosystems, products and services, we bring our innovation by design approach to deliver comprehensive services that are both highly efficient and person-centered.

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We can support you at every stage of the design process towards the delivery of an appropriate, actionable, and tangible experience.

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    Ideas, scenarios, prototyping

    We design products, environments and services with high use value.

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    Action research

    Qualitative user research, community user groups, participatory research

    We observe processes and stakeholders in their real-world setting to provide insights for design strategy.

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    Service design, digital design, graphic design, product design

    We support the development of your project through to implementation.


Our work is based around five fields of research and experimentation : information, care environnements, care products, people-to-people interactions and user journeys.


Care & Co. is a design studio co-founded by Marie Coirié, an independent designer specialised in health care and social care issues and User Studio, a digital service design consultancy.

Marie Coirié

Specialised in social innovation and participatory design, Marie has a strong track record in the field of healthcare, from experience design for care centres to designing services enabling people’s autonomy.

User Studio

User Studio is the French innovation by design agency. We conduct digital product and service innovation projects for blue-chip companies and start-ups across sectors including telecommunications, energy, banking and health care.


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