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The Eating-well app

With Good Eating, the lesson takes place in the dining hall : children make up their own meal after being offered an initial ingredient. Today’s is chicory.

They find out about its nutritional value and complete the meal with a dessert.

A measuring tool helps them build a balanced meal based on the amount of calories.

Whilst shopping with their families, they can spot fruits and vegetables tasted at school.

Children can extend their learning at home using the app.

Eating-well is an educational tool for parents and nursery practitioners to teach the foundations of a balanced and tasty diet. Designed as a web app, it provides a bridge between school and home. After being offered an initial ingredient, the child has to select other ingredients in appropriate amounts to make up a healthy meal. Used by nursery teachers, it can also benefit parents by involving their children in choosing foods at the market as well as planning meals together. 

Concept project by User Studio