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Elderly Day hospital: Bon Séjour!

Field work and ethnographic research with day hospital patients.

The medical team remains involved in the design process throughout the project.

A cloakroom leading to the lounge invites patients to look after their appearance and their belongings.

Colour-coded door frames highlight rooms dedicated to patient care.

A colour-coded clock help patients to visualize the different parts of the day.

Inviting and purposeful dining hall furniture help entice patients at meal times.

The curiosity wall offers sensory stimulation with objects to look at, touch and share.

Global design project for a elderly day hospital situated in La Robertsau district, north of Strasbourg. Built upon a co-design process, the project aims to improve the experience of patients through every step and aspect of their care: quality of the environment, interactions with the medical team, conviviality, sensory stimulation.

More about this project on La Fabrique de l'hospitalité.

Project partners: Aurélie Eckenschwiller (space design) and Nicolas Couturier (graphic design). This project was commissioned by Fabrique de l’hospitalité, Strasbourg University Hospital’s innovation laboratory.